Accurate Spoon

About Spoon

The modern designed Accurate Spoon will help you to save time and money! The Accurate Spoon was created for the convenience of pouring dry and liquid substances into a container that has a narrow neck. The spoon will help you to not spill any substances and will keep your place clean. You can use the Accurate Spoon for decorating your plate and cake with syrups, sauces, caramel, chocolate, salad dressings and more! For domestic and commercial use.


Best Features

  • Accurate Pouring

    Doesn't spill dry and liquid products!

  • Save Money

    Saves your products and saves your money!

  • Decorate

    Decorate your plate or cake with syrups, sauces, caramel, chocolate, salad dressings and more!

  • Modern Design

    Modern design combines the simplicity of Japanese origami style and ease of use

  • Easy to Wash

    Can be washed in the dishwasher or under running water easily

  • Eco-Friendly

    High quality, eco-friendly, food grade plastic

Our Story

Hello, I'm Anita, the creator of this spoon. I got the idea of this product on aug 2016. I went to a coffee shop and saw how the worker was pouring sugar with a normal spoon and he spilled 1/3 of the sugar on the table and floor. Thereby loosing a lot of the product and loosing the company money. Imagine if it happens everyday in every store, many companies loose tons of money! So, I noticed that the same problem occurs in my own kitchen. I'm a mother of two and I know how important it is to not spill any liquids/spices/products. The Accurate Spoon was the perfect solution to that wish as well! With the Accurate Spoon I save my own time and the time with my family. Also my kitchen is always clean now! The first prototype was created in November-December. Everything was invented by me and my husband. The finale prototype was made in March. The prototype was tested in April and May. We are now Successfully Funded on KICKSTARTER!